Links to Industry

The National Student Television Association is the only group of its kind in the world: a representative body designed for and governed by student television for student television.

Student Television has itself been active in the UK since 1964, and NaSTA was later formed in 1968. From the University of Glasgow to the University of Southampton, almost every major Higher Education institution across the UK (and Eire) now has some form of Student Television outlet, be it a station or a more general means to produce and broadcast student content.

As more and more students turn on to Student Television & an increasing number of graduates successfully enter into careers within the television industry, the membership of NaSTA has continued to rise year on year – The 2016 Conference saw 450 guests attending over 3 days, alongside Industry Judges and Guests.

What you will find across every Student Television station is that everyone involved loves what they do, and it is this love of Student Television that runs through the heart of what it means to be involved in Student TV that will carry NaSTA on towards a healthy & bright future.

NaSTA are keen to create and share many opportunities for partners, sponsors and those seeking to showcase their platforms to our large selection of student members of the association. We individually tailor each package to suit the advertising revenues you want to pursue whilst always raising brand awareness through logos on all publicity related to the event.

Please contact Avneet Chauhan, Industry Liaison Officer at to discuss the options available to you.