Your say on award changes

Your say on award changes

Hi everyone,

As hosts of this year’s NaSTA conference we are able to make a change to one of the award categories. As our joint hosting bid was put together just before the extended deadline we didn’t have time to decide which award we would like to change so we are now offering you the opportunity to suggest a change to the awards. There are some limits:

- You can change the criteria of one of the current awards.

- You can replace one of the current awards categories with a new completely different one.

- You can’t just add a new award or remove an existing one.

Please note you can only either change or replace an award, not both.

Please send any suggestions to Calum Brookes, the NaSTA Returning Officer at by 19th September.

All feasible suggestions will be put to a vote for all stations on Friday 26th. If you have any questions please contact Calum.


Matt Murphy & Chris Osborn
NaSTA Host Officer and Dep