NaSTA constitutional review process

NaSTA constitutional review process

Hi All,

I’m posting this today as part of the NaSTA constititonal review process. Many years of hard work, by many Returning Officers and Executives (particular thanks go to Matt Capon and David Gilani, without whom, the document I present to you today would look very different, and certainly not be as polished), have led NaSTA through a process of constitutional review dominated by a need for a working constitutional framework. I am therefore pleased to publish today the publicly available draft that I have completed as part of the review.

Attached in the link towards the bottom of this page is a copy of the current draft version of the NaSTA constitution – make sure to check back here as time goes on to make sure you have an up to date copy of the document. The policy document is an accompaniment to the constitution where in future, it’s intended that items of policy will be kept – these are things that don’t directly affect the rules and laws of the association, but are things that we’d like the association to carry out, such as the decision taken in 2013 to mandate NaSTA to hold an FAQ page. It’s not something that should be a constitutional law, as it doesn’t affect how we should run the association, but we do want somewhere to keep track of it. That’s where the policy document comes in. Any member can motion to a NaSTA meeting that an item of policy be created, so it also helps members of the association directly to have their say in how the association they are part of is run.

Now is your chance to have your say on any amendments you’d like to make. The Annual General Meeting this year will be a discussion about ratification or rejection, and not making ad-hoc amendments to the document – no new amendments will be accepted at the Annual General Meeting, to make sure that everyone has a chance to have their say, and not just those who attend. Because proxy votes have to be collected in advance, and details of any ballots need to be made public before the AGM, any amendments you wish to make must be sent to myself ( or by the 1st of March. After the 1st March, all amendments will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in the final document, or will be rejected and taken to a ballot.

As part of the review, it’s clear that we must have transparency across all of the association regarding the changes to the document and what it both means and stands for, and as a result of this, I am willing to sit down and discuss the document and it’s contents with anyone from within the association who wants advice, or to know more about the document. I can be contacted either via my email address ( or you can find me on facebook through the NaSTA association facebook groups.

I look forwards from hearing from members of the association about their views and inputs, and I hope that this discussion can remain as productive as possible to make the document work for as many people as possible. I’m proud to have been part of the process that led us here, and prouder to be part of the process as we enter the final stage before taking the document to the AGM.

Dates for your diary:

1st March – Document enters final review stage. No new amendments will be accepted.
15th March (or earlier) – Completion of amendment review – final document published along with list of rejected and approved amendments and their authors.
28th March – Ballot taken at AGM on approving the constitution.

All the very best,
Calum Brookes
NaSTA Returning Officer 2014-15


22nd March 2015: NaSTA Constitution v3.9 DRAFT
22nd March 2015: NaSTA Policy Document v1.4 DRAFT
22nd March 2015: Motion to the AGM – NaSTA Constitutional Review