South (West) Regional Officer Update

South (West) Regional Officer Update

Chris Filsell

This year I have been responsible for keeping stations from the South West of England up to date with all the latest NaSTA news, as well as responding to any queries which stations have.

We are currently working toward the organisation of NaSTA’s Southwest Regional Convention to be hosted by StagTV tentatively on March 4th. As well as a host of great speakers, there will also be opportunities to network, showcase all their great content and, most importantly, make friends with one another. Both myself and Christian stated in our applications that we would be working toward some way of getting stations together, and it is our hope that the Regional Convention will create opportunities both socially, and as a means of furthering collaborations between Southern Stations.

I have been sitting working away on the branding for the event, and our event will launch in the new year, along with a suitably jazzy logo. I will also be working on other pieces of promotional material for the event, such as a short graphic etc.

As always, please feel free to shoot me a message. Student TV is the only thing in my life so I’m always happy to talk about it. But in all seriousness, please message me with any queries. I can’t wait to see all your submissions to the main NaSTA Convention in April down in Birmingham.