Returning Officer Mid-term update

Returning Officer Mid-term update

These last 6 months have been a busy time for Returning Officer, more so than in typical years for this role. The activity I have done so far is:


  • Setting up and running the applications and interviews of all the Regional Development Officers

  • Crated an election strategy and development plan

  • Updated the NaSTA Constitution and Policy document from the 2016 AGM.

  • Supported in the creation of policies and role descriptions of the proposed motions for the OGM

  • Set up and run the OGM

  • Worked to support the executive officers

  • Conducted recruitment for the Deputy Returning Officer

  • Setting up by-elections


Although some of these seem like small tasks, they take a longer time than you would think, particularly the organisation of the online general meeting.


The work I will be doing for the next six months will be:


  • Setting up and running the NaSTA executive and host station elections

  • Complete the STAN constitution

  • Update NaSTA constitution and policy document from motions passed at the OGM

  • Complete the OGM minutes

  • Run award submissions

  • Plan the AGM

  • Support stations in submitting motions to the AGM

  • Run focus groups and feedback on running for officer positions and the award categories

  • Finish the by-elections and support with handover

With the change of the NaSTA executive positions, the role of Returning Officer is going to continue to be busy, however i have enjoyed it immensely so far and I look forward to the next six montsh, particularly when award submissions come along.