Building and developing connections

Building and developing connections

Hi, I'm Avneet- your Chair for NaSTA this year. It's hard to believe I have been in this role for just over 2 months. I hope your stations are busy away planning exciting things for Freshers and beyond. 

This Summer I have been busy repairing and building on existing connections that the association made over the last 7/8 years or so, and trying to develop new ones!

One thing that became clear from my time in Student TV, and as I spoke to other Student TV Stations is the difficulty in creating a good relationship with the Students' Unions at the Universities. We went to various NUS Conferences, and have started conversations with SPA (Student Publication Association) and SRA (Student Radio Association) speaking to sabbatical officers, students' union staff and people across Student Media about how Student TV can be a great support system, not a hindrance. We are aware not every Student TV Station is affiliated with any of these organisations, however 92% of NaSTA Affiliated Stations currently are associated with NUS getting training from them, so we felt it useful to attend.

Additionally, I am in the process of speaking to our Patrons, keen to develop relations. FYI, the current NaSTA patrons are:

Tim Marshall, Managing Director of Jisc

Ore Oduba, BBC Breakfast and BBC Sport Presenter

Shoshana Wilson, Global Acquisitions Director at Fox International Channels

Jonathan Abraham, Head of Brand Solutions, Google UK

Paul Ryan, OB Operations Manager at BT Sport

Mars El Brogy, Head of Video at ESI Media


The NaSTA Lifetime Fellows are currently

Matthew Capone

Gary Rodger


These details are all TBC, so I won't reveal much more about that! I am excited that we will be repeating our workshop with RED at Pinewood Studios in December, which was last held in june 2015. Your Committees will be getting all of the details for that shortly.

The Executive are hard at work to build our organisation for the future, so we are developing plans for the future, and assisting our lovely Host Station, University of Birmingham's Guild TV, in an amazing Conference and Awards for 2017. As a former Birmingham (albeit rival University) student, it excites me a lot to be returning there in 2017! Freshers TV, hosted by Cardiff University's CUTV, and our Regional Conventions will shortly be developing too.

As you will have read from Chris' blog, we are keen to develop NaSTA internally as an organisation and building our connections and partnerships for students once they leave. With the launch of the Student Television Alumni Network also imminent, we aren't forgetting about the Alumni of Student TV, who are ending up in amazing places. We want to share your stories, so once you leave, you aren't really.