The NaSTA Executive are now accepting applications for 2017 Freshers TV Host and 2017/8 Regional Development Officers.

These are the key dates to remember:

10 April - 23 April Open up Freshers TV and Regional Officer Roles

1 - 7 May Freshers TV and Regional Officer Interviews

20 May Reveal Host and Officers at the People's Choice Awards

For Regional Officer applications, please send a 500 word manifesto  along with nominations from two individuals in the region of two different stations.



Email your Freshers TV Application here 

Please apply for the Regional Development Officer Role here


Freshers TV

Please find attached a guidance pack on entering a bid for hosting Freshers TV


Regional Officer Applications

This year, NaSTA are changing our regional structure.

These are the current regions the Executive are proposing, and will be accepting applications for:

  1. Scotland
  2. Northern England
  3. West Midlands
  4. Eastern England
  5. West & Wales
  6. London & Home Counties
  7. South Coast


Regional Officers will be chosen by interview from the 2017/8 Executive Officers


The individual responsibilities of the Regional Officers are:

a) To promote development of stations within their region;

b) To represent their region in NaSTA meetings;

c) To promote social events between stations in their region;

d) To coordinate any NaSTA official events (other than the Awards and Conference Weekend) within their region over the course of the academic year in conjunction with the National Executive Committee’s scheduling.

e) To actively seek opportunities from the industry for members within their region, and where appropriate, to work with the NaSTA Marketing Officer to promote these opportunities.

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Executive Officer Elections

The National Student Television Association has been at the heart of student media for over 40 years. This year the association elected seven Executive Officers who work together to oversee the association and the community of NaSTA itself. These positions are elected each year at the NaSTA Conference and Awards weekend. 

The following positions were awarded this weekend:

  • Association Chair- Christopher Osborne
  • Industry Liaison Officer- Avneet Chauhan
  • Training Officer- Christian Mesmar
  • Marketing Officer- Harry Fender
  • Technical Officer- Dan Leedham
  • Communications Officer- Alex Smith
  • Secretary- Chloe Coleman  

Host Station Election 

The National Student Television Association’s annual Conference and Awards Weekend is hosted each year by a student television station somewhere in the UK. The biggest event in the student TV calendar, it attracts almost 400 delegates from nearly 50 different stations.

FORGE TV were elected to host NaSTA Conference and Awards 2017. Their bid is available here.




If you have any questions about the elections, email the Returning Officer at returning.officer@nasta.tv