NaSTA Alumni 

The NaSTA Alumni was formerly known as PaSTA. Up until 2016 it was an organisation within NaSTA, and an Alumni Officer sat on the NaSTA Executive Committee as a non-executive member. It has been decided to split the two organisations, to help both bodies achieve their aims, which will in turn benefit their respective members.

A steering group has been created to assess the creation of the new organisation as its own entity, and to define a suitable mission statement for the organisation. A lot was achieved with an Alumni Officer on the NaSTA Executive Committee, and this new steering group will build on that progress, continuing to have a close relationship with NaSTA and its members, as well as its own.

For members of NaSTA the role of the Alumni Organisation is to provide you with access to alumni who have gone on from student TV into a wide range of media related careers: television, online, film, PR, advertising, journalism and more. The alumni association is made up of a wide network of media professionals who have worked for the likes of the BBC, ITN, Sky, Kiss FM, MediaCom, and the London Evening Standard, to name but a few! These alumni can be available to your TV stations for a number of different things, including; networking events, skills sessions, CV advice, work experience enquiries, awards judging, or even just a quick email exchange. And the best part is: they all want to help; they want to pass on their knowledge to you guys.

Please bear with us while the trustees sort everything out we are creating an entirely new organisation here, and its going to take time and patience but don’t ever be put off from getting in touch. Were here to help in whatever way we can. 

Please contact (Chair) for any queries and suggestions.